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    Mobile and GPS-based, user-friendly services to help private facility owners, ski resorts, municipalities and other organisations to gather information and communicate in real-time.
  • Outdoor
    Track4outdoors is a system that allows you to easily present, administer and streamline your operations as well as offer a simple payment solution for your visitors.
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    Track4Labs AB's ambition is to offer smart GIS-based systems that significantly improve your business.

Please note!
We just want to make you aware of the fact that if you have not used your track4outdoors app for a while you might experience difficulties, the solution is to uninstall the application and then install it again. This happens because of updates and changes for the Android and Apple operating systems.


Track4 Labs can impliment projects relating to many different types of tracking, ticketing and presentation. We can develop solutions in conjunction with your own experienced staff or let us provide you with a quote and we can take care of your project for you.

Our Track4 Outdoors system is constantly being improved through the cooperation and feedback that we receive from our clients. Track4 Labs can also give prices for development project related to tracking, ticketing, task management and marketing using a combination of web and app based solutions.

  1. Connecting Skövde Kommun with Track4 Outdoors APIs

    Skövde Kommun use Track4 Outdoors to present their outdoor recreation area called Billinge Fritidsområde online and in the Track4 Outdoors App. The kommun also uses a more general information app called “Mitt Skövde”.

    Skövde Kommun then approached Track4 Labs with a request to be able to export some of the special information generated by the Track4 Outdoors System and present it in the “Mitt Skövde” app. Track4 Labs used APIs to be able to transfer and share information from the Track4 Outdoors system with the Mitt Skövde system so that the two apps now work seamlessly together.

    Since then, Track4 Labs has continued to develop the concept and made it available to other customers so that anyone using the Track4 Outdoors platform is able to share the information with other programs. The benefit of this is to increase the value of both Track4 Outdoors and other programs that our clients have invested in to offer visitors and users world leading communication channels and quality experiences.

  2. Skoterleder and the Benefits of Waiting.

    Skoterleder face an interesting problem: because Track4 Outdoors shows trail preparation in real time, scooter riders were able to immediately see which trails are getting prepared and go straight for those trails to ride on. The problem is that the snow needs some time to freeze and bind together otherwise the trails get torn up by the scooters and the quality decreases too rapidly.

    To solve this problem, Track4 Labs developed a special system so that trails can be prepared but the presentation of the trail delayed until the snow has had time to freeze over. The result was that Skoterleder were able to continue to present trail preparation of the highest caliber but also because of the delay maintain better trail quality as well. The benefit of this advancement was a better quality of service and less maintenance being needed for the trails, a win-win result.

    The delay feature is now available to everyone using Track4 Outdoors and gives more flexibility to present activities in a way that matches the reality of how you work and visitors use your facilities.

  3. Mora Kommun: Tickets Please!

    When Mora Kommun joined Track4 Outdoors in the Autumn of 2014 the asked Track4 Labs to help them by developing a ticketing system for their cross country skiing trails and other activities that they offer. They wanted people to be able to buy tickets in the Track4 Outdoors App and online as well as via Mora Kommun and the kommun’s resellers.

    Not only did Track4 Labs develop a system that works across all outlets and platforms, but was also able to develop the ability for one person to buy tickets and send them to different recipients via email or SMS. Furthermore, the system also incorporates verification management in both the online and Navigator App making it possible to offer a complete, end-to-end ticketing service.

    The system is extremely versatile with each customer able to build their own tickets to suit individual requirements. Thanks to this flexibility other customers are now able to use the Ticketing Service for selling everything from entry to sporting events to hunting and fishing licenses.