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Draw tracks in Back Office Yes Yes Yes Yes
Draw trails in Back Office Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of tracks 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of trails (per activity) 2 4 Unlimited Unlimited
Preparation history No No Unlimited Unlimited
Public data (video, gallery, documents) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create POIs in Back Office Free/50 Free/100 Unlimited Unlimited
Update POIs in backoffice and navigator No No Yes Yes
Navigators No 1 2 2
Import Tracks GPX/NAV No No Yes Yes
Weather stations No No Yes Yes
Zones No No Optional Yes
Tasks No Yes Optional Yes
API No No Optional Yes
iFrame No No Optional Yes
Routes and ETA No No Optional Yes
Marketing - Sponsor/Ads No No Optional Optional
Marketing - Messaging No No Optional Optional
Ticketing No No Optional Optional
Customisation No No Optional Optional
Special Machines No No Optional Optional