Skövde Kommun use Track4 Outdoors to present their outdoor recreation area called Billinge Fritidsområde online and in the Track4 Outdoors App. The kommun also uses a more general information app called “Mitt Skövde”.

Skövde Kommun then approached Track4 Labs with a request to be able to export some of the special information generated by the Track4 Outdoors System and present it in the “Mitt Skövde” app. Track4 Labs used APIs to be able to transfer and share information from the Track4 Outdoors system with the Mitt Skövde system so that the two apps now work seamlessly together.

Since then, Track4 Labs has continued to develop the concept and made it available to other customers so that anyone using the Track4 Outdoors platform is able to share the information with other programs. The benefit of this is to increase the value of both Track4 Outdoors and other programs that our clients have invested in to offer visitors and users world leading communication channels and quality experiences.