• Trail presentation

    Track4 Outdoors allows you to present all types of trails and paths on the web and in the Track4 Outdoors App.

  • Point of interest

    Points of Interest (POIs) are designed to highlight a special feature or activity that is centered on a particular location.

  • Zones

    The Zone function allows a particular area of interest to be marked on the map.

  • Task management

    Track4 Outdoors integrates task management combining feedback from the “public app”, the “staff app” (Navigator) and the back office part of the system.

  • Marketing communication

    The Track4 Outdoors system allows you the possibility of communicating with staff and registered users via both email and push messages.

  • Marketing advertising

    Track4 Outdoors allows users to communicate with their visitors using banner ads that appear in the Public App, or on the web at Track4 Outdoors, or at your own website.

  • Statistics and reports

    The Track4 Outdoors system can help in the managing of your operations by providing you with information from the “public app” or the “staff app” where you will be able to get statistics for visitor numbers, ratings, feedback, tasks and much more.

  • Ticketing

    The Track4 Outdoors system allows users to manage their own tickets by selecting time periods, services and prices and combining these as required to create their own range of tickets.

  • iFrame

    Track4 Outdoors is able to generate iFrame codes that can be embedded into your own website to show a desired combination of Trails, POIs, Zones and Areas.

  • Personalisation

    Track4 Labs can for each client (during the setup) configure some of the settings inside the system so that for each client we can use different preparation info, interval periods, colours etc.

  • Resources

    With this module you can easily hook up a GPS tracker to a machine and follow this machine in the resort.

  • Cross country

    In our company ”DNA” we have, since the start, worked with snow, trail presentation, status of trails etc. We know what our clients need and we know what our clients expects.