Funäsfjällen’s Skoterleder faced an interesting problem: because Track4 Outdoors shows trail preparation in real time, scooter riders were able to immediately see which trails are getting prepared and go straight for those trails to ride on. The problem is that the snow needs some time to freeze and bind together otherwise the trails get torn up by the scooters and the quality declines too rapidly.

To solve this problem, Track4 Labs developed a special system so that trails can be prepared but the presentation of the trail delayed until the snow has had time to freeze over. The result was that Funäsfjällen’s Skoterleder were able to continue to present trail preparation of the highest caliber but also because of the delay maintain better trail quality as well. The benefit of this advancement was a better quality of service and less maintenance being needed for the trails, a win-win result.

The delay feature is now available to everyone using Track4 Outdoors and gives more flexibility to present activities in a way that matches the reality of how you work and visitors use your facilities.