Track4 Evolution

About Track4 Labs

Track4 Labs aims to deliver the most effective and enjoyable 360° communication platform for clubs, companies and organisations linked to the world’s best outdoor sporting app. Track4 Labs looks to deliver on these aims through continuous development and testing of both technology and software solutions. We regularly work with industry leading partners to continually give everyone Smarter Outdoor Solutions.



Track4 Labs was born in the north of Sweden in 2012 when the company took over Bracke Systems AB. Bracke Systems had been working successfully with Östersunds Kommun, Nordic Ski and Skistar since 2008, developing tracking and presentation technologies for cross country skiing.

Since Track4 Labs has taken over these technologies we have worked to improve on their solid foundation in several areas: improved tracking logic, wider range of information and activity presentation as well as integrated services such as ticketing, marketing and feedback.