Trail Presentation

Track4 Outdoors allows you to present all types of trails and paths on the web and in the Track4 Outdoors App.

Trails can be represented showing their difficulty in the case of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or alpine skiing. The trails can also be presented using a colour scheme showing how recently they were prepared, a key factor for cross country skiing or snow scooter trails.

The trails can be drawn on a computer, imported from an existing GPX file or recorded using the Track4 Navigator App. Preparation status can be simply updated manually in the Track4 Outdoors System or Track4 Navigator App or automatically using the Track4 Navigator App or another form of GPS tracking. Once a trail has been created the Track4 Outdoors System will calculate the distance and topography of the trail and display this information in the Track4 Outdoors System. You also have the option of adding additional information such as trail quality, lighting times, and pictures and even write detailed updates about the trail. Trails can also be displayed in a table form with the trails being listed according to your own ordering preference.

The system can show the estimated time of arrival of the snow groomer at various points on the trail and uses an advanced logic to show trail preparation in the most accurate way possible, allowing staff to work more effectively and visitors to receive the best quality of service.