Track4 Piste Management

In our company ”DNA” we have, since the start, worked with snow, trail presentation, status of trails etc. We know what our clients need and we know what our clients expects. For the season 2016/2017 we are working on our Piste Management module that is coming from our platform PisteGIS. We have bundled a number of modules in Track4 Outdoors and created what we expect to the most advanced combined, marketing, management, information, real time presentation platform for ski resourts. The system supports fleet management of machines, resources, visitors and a number of other features. By adding a snow depth sensor and a special navigator client a facility can save money, open earlier, and make the best out of one of the most fragile and limited material that everyone needs – snow. If you are interested to find out more, please send us an email to and we can share more information.